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An attitude of Gratitude will change your life.

Did you know that a daily gratitude practice can make you happier, improve your relationships, and lower stress? Let's talk about gratitude's spiritual, mental, emotional, social, and physical benefits and how you can make it a daily habit.

You are a Divine Being having a human experience. That means that a part of you exists beyond your physical body, senses, and experiences. Unfortunately, most of us have been conditioned to focus on what makes us human without being educated on what makes us Divine and what that means for our life. So let's talk about the Universe for a moment.

You are pure consciousness, a being that is aware of their internal and external existence. Our external existence in this human world is what we tend to focus on most (what we can experience with our five senses). Our internal existence (thoughts, feelings, and beliefs) creates the external world. The Universe doesn't judge good and bad; we do. The Universe doesn't destroy; it creates.

Every cell in your body (thoughts and feelings included) constantly interacts with the Universe, emitting energy. Free will is our God-given ability to focus our attention (inner existence) on anything we want at any moment. Making it so we can choose where our powerful, infinite, limitless energy goes. This energy is our point of attraction. This energy will be reflected in our outer world like a mirror, whether we focus on something wanted or unwanted. Your emotions are your inner guidance system, informing you of whether or not you are giving your energy to thoughts that make you feel good or bad. The circumstances don't matter; your response does.

Our emotions are a magnet, attracting experiences that create more of that emotion. When you're focused primarily on the external world, you cannot do the necessary inner work to live a life of bliss. We react to life instead of responding to it, thus relinquishing our infinite power to things outside us.

That being said, let's take responsibility for our energy. Let's have our magnet set on the highest setting that will bring us love, joy, abundance, and success. Gratitude!

Abundance and perfection in all aspects of life are your birthrights, your natural state of being. You are like a tree in the forest, naturally equipped with everything it needs to thrive and grow tall. Trees don't worry about whether or not they're going to get rain and sun; they receive and do what they have to do with nature's gifts. Humans have been conditioned to see these natural rights as something that needs to be earned. If something must be earned, that implies we don't already have it. This is not true.

We are blocking the natural flow of abundance that the Universe wants us to have. Our inner world has bought into the lie that abundance must be earned and that our value isn't intrinsic, so our outer world reflects that. This limiting belief is the source of our suffering. The belief that we aren't in control of our destiny, that something outside us is.

Feeling gratitude for all of the abundance in your life is when you are aligned with your true self. Alignment is the key to a magical life. You have everything you need right now. You need to believe it so you can receive it. Many of us have lived our lives believing the illusion of lack, so we must train our minds to operate differently. To adopt that habit of being content and grateful. This takes time, intention, and dedication. If you're waiting for something outside of you to create the right conditions, you will be waiting forever. Make peace with where you are now by seeing the good that already exists in your experience.

Practicing gratitude makes us a magnet for more well-being in our life. Complaining about what we don't want makes us a magnet for more of what we don't want, but we've been conditioned to think our circumstances require constant analysis. They don't. We can let things go and trust that a higher power will handle them in the best way possible.

Spend a few minutes daily just thinking about what you are grateful for. It can be something simple like a cup of coffee, or your phone, don't overthink it. Naturally, you will attract more thoughts about things you are thankful for. You can write it down or say it in your mind. Do this practice every day, and over time it will become natural. Every aspect of your life will improve; it has no choice because your inner bliss will be mirrored in your outer world.

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