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Overcome Limiting Beliefs Using Mindfulness

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Are you unsatisfied with an area of your life? Do you feel stuck and want to move in a new direction? Do you want to clarify and manifest your deepest desires? If so, this program is for you. You are a Divine being having a Human experience, born capable of living a life of joy, love, bliss, and fulfillment. Yet, throughout our lives, we pick up certain limiting beliefs for self-protection and preservation. Many of these beliefs were formed in early childhood or due to trauma and stress responses, and they keep us stuck in limiting thought patterns. This program is designed to help you identify and overcome these limiting beliefs. When we apply mindfulness to our thoughts and ideas, we can release our attachments to the old way of thinking and viewing ourselves and the world. When we are mindful, opportunities for happiness, success, and abundance are limitless. This program utilizes journal prompts and mindfulness exercises. If you have any questions, please email If you want additional support on your Mindful journey, check out my one-on-one coaching services!

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