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     Mindfulness is a free mental health resource that every Human has access to. It is a powerful tool for personal transformation, increased happiness, and overall well-being.

     Planet Mindfulness is dedicated to helping people lead more mindful and fulfilling lives. Our online platform is designed to provide education, guidance, and resources on the mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of mindfulness, meditation, and pranayama.

     We offer one-on-one remote coaching services and self-paced mindfulness coaching programs to help you better understand and practice mindfulness. 



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Nicole Jeanylee

Creator of Planet Mindfulness

Certified Mindfulness Coach 

Certified in Trauma-Informed Yoga

Pranayama Instructor

 Social Psychology, B.A 

     Like most Humans, I operated unconsciously most of the time. My thoughts, ego, past experiences, and hard-wired belief systems influenced how I saw myself, others, the world, and my choices. I didn't allow myself the space to find or pursue my passions because I was never taught, and something outside of me, like society, money, or other people, influenced how I thought and moved in the world. Mindfulness introduced me to my true self. My higher self.

     As humans, we unconsciously identify with our minds and our thoughts. When this happens, we are imprisoned by something we don't see. We convince ourselves that we will feel at peace when we fix the outside world. We are so focused on everything outside of us that we never allow ourselves the space to focus on what is going on inside. The ego is never satisfied. The ego will do anything to keep itself alive. The ego is a terrible Master but a great servant. 

     Mindfulness is shining the light of awareness, your true essence, on the darkness that is your thoughts, mind, body, and experience. When we are mindful, we are conscious, present, aware, and respond to life instead of reacting to it. We still have feelings, passions, and desires, but we are in control, not them. 

     As a mindfulness coach, I aim to assist individuals as they shine that mindful light on themselves. Planet Mindfulness has various practices to help you strengthen that mindful muscle. For those interested in one-on-one coaching sessions, please e-mail me or schedule a consultation to determine if mindfulness coaching is for you. 

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